Mere Sands Woods


The reserve covers 42 hectares (105 acres) and is made up of lakes, mature broadleaved and conifer woodland, sandy, wet meadows and heaths. The management of the reserve is designed not only to encourage wildlife, but also to provide facilities for people to visit and enjoy seeing the wildlife. The site is nationally important for wildfowl and dragonflies, as well as its geology, and has a fascinating history. 


Mere Sands Wood is a wildlife-rich haven in the heart of agricultural west Lancashire. The mature woodland is mainly Birch with some Oak but there is also a mature Scots Pine plantation in the south-east corner, which supports a small population of red squirrels. Other mammals that inhabit or visit the reserve include foxes, rabbits, stoats and roe deer. Water voles and hares are found on neighbouring arable land. 


Situated just over a mile away from our property. It is possible to walk to this attraction.